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avengers fanfiction tony severely injured


Suffering from shell shock and whatever emotional abuse Howard had managed to put him through. You were sweet.". The red head glanced over at him, a strange expression on her face. "Dad, it hurts so bad." He wasn't sure how he felt about that. At a cost no one can forget, the fight is overfor all but one.Stephen Strange has an idea. Work Search: He catches sight of her hand traveling down to the base of her stomach, as an emotion passes over her face. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Peter Parker would find a way to trip on an ant. You're okay, you're okay." The Avengers are like his family and want to protect him at all c. Steve hesitates, watchful for a moment, seeing him flinch before starting to pull the bullet out of his leg. They gave you some free sweets and chatted with you. Are you okay?" He's been like this before. I was worried sick. (The Mysterious Benedict Society AU. Tony swoops in at the end to offer some comfort. Peters jelly laid forgotten once Tony left. Peter has trouble remembering after the snap and finds himself in a home he has no recollection of. And one impossible quest to tie it all back together. After a few go rounds on different rides, you all met up and switch partners. The pain is excruciating. Then, somehow, he accidentally saves Tony fucking Stark from a gang of eight mercenaries, and the majestic plan disintegrates into ash. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Civil War left them with mistrust and broken hearts. Tony Stark had fought aliens. Shh. It's not your fault. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Their bond is forced and Howard uses and abuses his new omega. In retrospect, Tony probably should have anticipated that. Ross won't be persuaded that Tony had nothing to do with the former Avengers break-out of the Raft, so he throws Tony into the Raft in their place. Once he's finished he walks back to Peters side. Being Tony Stark and Iron Man and genius, playboy, philanthropist was just so tiring sometimes. I'm a sucker for whump and/or sick fics. Were married, he says. C'era una ragione per cui nessuno sapeva che aspetto avesse Il Capitano. Later he hears Tony and Natasha talk and decides to hurt Tony back. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. He moves the tweezers into the opening and grasps the bullet as Peter flinches, feeling them graze against his skin as they go in. Tony, seriously ill, is benched from the team during a fight. I'm looking for general fics (and one specific fic) where Tony gets hurt either saving another avenger or due to the (reckless) actions of another avenger, The specific story you are looking for is. You and Tony went to Magic Kingdom and rode the Haunted Mansion. Twenty-four years later, Tony shows up at Steve's doorstep. Peter Parker has been waiting for the next mission. A devious smile breaking over Steves face at the prospect of offering an American spy to the Great Dictator with the subsequent reward of his foolish trust. IT WAS DIDNEY WORL. Evacuation plans are to commence immediately.". But his heart was telling him not to listen. You were so excited. Snarky irondad is my jam. And if Tony has to damage himself to pull off his plan, well, them's the breaks. Peter just nods, not really able to pay attention to what his dad is saying. Because everyone needs a childhood-fav-fusion. 240K 5.8K 41. (someone help me with a better summary as future chapters come out). Hydra and an explosion later, Peter has a severely broken leg and is going into shock. This is pretty long so its going to have to go under the cut: Of ALL The Possible Scenarios by Ri (miniminis_ri). The one where Steve really should have told his boyfriend he was a mob boss BEFORE he was kidnapped. (Or what could happen if MCU writers had smelled the coffee and woken up). No. When a mugger with a knife attacks a civilian across the street from Stark Industries, Peter does not hesitate to intervene, even if it might cost his life. You hit Clint and told him to come with you then you could go to the ride. All that Loki wanted was to fight, one last time, for the fate of his universe. "Come along, Mr. Parker." Peter blew his nose. Nice action adventure with some humour and domestic sweetness as well. Tony woke up to too-bright lights and white walls all around him. You rambled the whole plane ride about riding Pirates of Caribbean 17 times and sat with Steve's girl who was just as excited as you. "Babe, answer me please." Tony wakes up in the morning in his bed with a hell of a headache, a sleeping super soldier in his bed and a blank as to what just happened last night. Banner is out tonight because of the hulk." Or: 5 Things Tony Stark Couldn't Buy with Money and the 1 Thing He Didn't Want to Buy. Tony picks the kid up being careful of his leg, before flying away to the tower, Steve following fast on his motorcycle. Happy Hogan looks after the people in his life. So he saves up. It's taken him, Natasha, and Pepper 7 years to find Sam, Clint, Bucky, Wanda, and Scott. If you find this, I'd like to read it! OR. LAdone biondo di fronte a lui non era decisamente quello che Tony si aspettava. Questo non era un bene. He had always liked the library, but he was too sick to enjoy it. Trapped in a Chitauri-infested New York, the Avengers must fight for their lives. It was time for Tony Stark to stop paying for the Avengers problems, literally. The most infuriating part was that for once, he didn't have the answers. Are you trying to get your self killed or back in a prison cell? Steve has to go on an undercover mission where he has to pretend that he is married. Cassie stayed and so did Clint as the nice nurse put ointment and peroxide on your cuts. He can't escape it, it always comes back in some form or another. It goes to hell in a hand basket. 1. He was sent a picture of you and Rapunzel and he flipped. You were also the first on the Stark jet because you were that excited. They brought her into the S.H.I.E.L.D. You asked Cassie for a picture before you left so you could commemorate thisinteresting event. "Hey, Pete, babe. - you get injured (including outfit of when you got injured, and also pics of the guys cause I think you guys deserve it after being so dayum sweet and commenting and voting and just being freaking cutie pies ) - tony. wildewood california, md hoa Tony was coming. He smiles back as he starts to walk towards them. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Part 205 of We Forgot Peter; Language: English Words: 1,696 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 2 Comments: 102 Kudos: 1785 Bookmarks: 143 Hits: 12850 Or: Tony Stark post-Siberia [ Peter Parker & Stark Industries / 2 ] Bridges were burned - and he wasn't in any rush to build them back. I can't wait to read them! No Archive Warnings Apply. If you were to ask him, he would say he would die to dance for eternity. Helping the injured get to the ships outside is the priority as of right now. ", Steve swallows, averting his eyes as Bucky sets his dinner tray on the table beside the bed. Blinded, deafened, exhausted, injured and afraid, Tony raised himself up into a defensive position, the knife coming up just like Nat had taught him. You stopped in the sweet shop and got to talk to the sweets girls. In the past few days, the Macchina di Kadavus had gone missing, the Book of Cagliostro had been stolen, and New York City was in the middle of a city-wide blackout. From the first day theyd met statuses hadnt mattered and unlike so many others Loki had stayed by his side through the darkest days of his life. Surely, he would've done a better job than Peter did. It felt suffocating. Maybe it'll end up bringing them closer together. "Come on Pete. Sam holds his breath, the dread pooling in his stomach rippling into panic when the man finally moves out of frame, and hes confronted with a figure in an all too familiar uniform bound rigidly to a chair.,,,, Your dad and I are going to help you change. She didnt have anyone to worry about. do you have any fic recs where one of the avengers is with n injured peter (preferably not tony but those fics are cool too and i know you read a lot of irondad)? Tony picks the kid up being careful of his leg, before flying away to the tower, Steve following fast on his motorcycle. But before he notices, the burglar behind him has stood up and shot him in the leg, causing Peter to cry out in pain as the bullet lodges into his skin, tearing his suit. Clint took the picture and you both thanked her before leaving to find Tony, who was with Bucky's girl. Fanfiction. The side effects of using the gauntlet, of snapping the stones and feeling a burning sensation in his arm and up the side of his neck all the way to his temple, so blinding hot Peter Parker saw nothing but white, was made apparent very quickly. What can I get you? And how is Steve supposed to tell Tony that his best friend was killed- in his place. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". Being so excited, you didn't notice the crack in the side walk. Tony helps the teen to the edge of the bed and gets him changed before picking him up and moving him to his and Steve's bedroom. (pun totally intended) Eventually, Wanda came to get you and she thanked the girls for keeping you company. "Hey, Pete, shh it'll be okay. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1880), Avengers Team & Guardians of the Galaxy Team, Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Parenting Peter Parker | Supremefamily | Strange Family, And Loki is like the problematic older brother and we love him, i need you to understand that this is going to HURT, there's a happy ending but that word count is an indicator of something and that something is pain, Tony Stark & Original Female Character(s), James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Original Female Character(s), Loki (Marvel) & Original Female Character(s), Not Civil War Team Captain America Friendly, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant. Just what exactly happened with Steve? C'erano delle teorie, naturalmente, su che aspetto avesse Il Capitano. She used to spend her days alone, as paranoia determines her every move. After he called him dad?. Peter Parker collapses in his small apartment in New York, bleeding out from a stab wound in his stomach. Banner that Peter is in need of a doctor." A champion is afraid of losing. You watched the spectacular firework show, and you fell asleep while you were all leaving the park. Wakanda's scientists are trying to remove Hydra's trigger from his mind. Tony stands up for himself. Tony, being Tony, decided to buy Disney world for a day a fly the team out to Florida. "I love you, Peter. So when he finds himself fighting for another, crashing into the past, he has a few intended words for the wizard that forced him there.But not before he finds a boy. #avengers He tries to figure out how this all happened and how he got there in the first place, and he wonders if a suspicious sorcerer had something to do with it.___, Follow Peter Parker entering a new life in Gotham City in his quest in trying to feel normal again in a new reality. He tries to go on with his live but when he sees Tony with Henry Hellrung he gets angry. Aliens are beginning to swarm him and in the overwhelming panic that begins to consume, he does the only thing he can think of. 5 Times Happy Went To The Parkers Apartment by @official-impravidus, You Leave Me Breathless byfifteenminutesoffame. Peter has never been one to run from a fight, even without his suit. "Almost done. They all asked if they could take a picture with you. He now lives in repentance within the palace. Steve agrees as the three fall into a much needed sleep, cuddling throughout the night. A forest, a cave, whatever. Tony, who is hurt, traumatized, his arc reactor running low, MacGyvers some awesome shit and saves the day. The Avengers are stuck in a cave, and Tony, despite being essentially incapacitated by the loss of his suit, has a working plan to deal with this shit. Or: A post Civil-War reunion fic with a long series of escalating conversations where a bunch of jagged pieces do their level best to fit back together, and maybe change the world in the process. There was a dragon and now Tony's mostly naked and it's all Reed Richards' fault. But then Steve stumbles upon something that has been kept from him, and trust becomes an issue. #preferences In Queens, Peter Parker finds out what it means to lose everything in an instant while Kate Bishop watches her life crumble in front of her eyes as aliens lay waste to her home. When Tony is attacked by voodoo spells, Steve wishes he could do more to protect him. ", Bucky laughs quietly. It was sweet. Peter snuck abord the Quinjet on a dangerous mission. Don't scare us like that again." Sleeping with a super hero is great, until he becomes a little restless at night. The girl, named Cassie, led you to a door that went backstage and to the offices and locker rooms. Steve doesn't reply as Tony comes back with the things he asked for. C'era una ragione per cui nessuno sapeva che aspetto avesse Il Capitano. That is, until a twist of fate brings him something unexpected After his breakup with Peggy, Steve decides to move on with a meaningless one-night stand. One hundred percent. "Crap, Y/Nwe need to get you to a first aid station." February 17 2013, 06:37:30 UTC. Strange. He just doesn't expect it to come from the future, armed with a ridiculous story demanding a ridiculous quest. Its gotten impossibly harder to find even a scrap of food, and what little belongings he does have are unlikely to keep him alive through the winter. Peter gets ill on a short simple mission and it is Deadpool - of all the people in the world - that has to take up the responsibility of taking care of him before he gets worse. Which means lots of mistakes! You had spent so much time telling Tony you wanted to go with the group, so he finally made it happen. And just how happy is Tony going to be when he figures it out? One shots of my favorite superheroes. Instead, the universe spit out a snark drunk teenager from another dimension. Almost 5k words of Peter beating the shit out of several superheroes because of The Plot (aka 100 words at the end of the work that I wrote in five minutes, and used to excuse the absence of a superhero I'd forgotten about). He did, however, have help from a certain hero dressed in red and blue. Where you at? Its Sam Wilsons voice calling for him. Peter Parker acts like a spider, Takes place after the ferry incident in Homecoming. . [Peter & Bucky + Steve] La maggior parte seguiva la tipica convinzione hollywoodiana, ovvero che fosse una versione del Padrino, seduto in una stanza buia con un sigaro, che comandava le sue forze con un semplice movimento del polso. After the horrible Civil War which left him badly damaged. You cried and watched as they wrapped up your wounds. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Friendship, Phil Coulson Doesn't Work for StarkIndustries, Phil Coulson's Case Files of the Toasterverse, The Ones We Protect (The Ones Who Protect Us), Steve also makes a surprising amount of soup, Reed Richards is a hazard to public safety, Five Times People Gave Tony Shit for Being Short and the One Time He Didn't Mind. Lowering his head until his ear hovers slightly above the bloodied mouth, Steve listens intently for the soft wheezing of the mans respires. Steve doesnt even hesitate. Hes ready to prove hes not just some kid. As Steve ran his hand through the blood collecting on his thighs, he realized something. "Peter, baby, I don't want you to have to go through this but we can't find any morphine, so you just have to wait it out, okay?" Stephen finds his heart racing but not knowing who is behind the Iron Man mask makes him hesitant. #hulk Pleases send any requests if you'd like! tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. He had lost his right leg, his left arm and wrist was severely broken and needed plates and screws in it and it still wasn't working properly and he was in physical therapy for it. Dangerous, self-sacrificing science.). Had to be. This book contains Black Widow spoilers! The man leaves as Steve hugs the shaking teen. Two broken ribs, a broken finger, severe bruising and lacerations across your back and chest, and a mild concussion! #wintersoldier, - you get injured (including outfit of when you got injured, and also pics of the guys cause I think you guys deserve it after being so dayum sweet and commenting and voting and just being freaking cutie pies ) -. The teenager winces in pain, keeping his weight off his injured leg. After the now-pardoned ex-Avengers settled back into the Compound, Steve finally went looking for Tony to have a discussion that was long overdue. Tony was coming. We're going to fix you okay?" And whats that?, To have nothing, after believing you could have everything.. Hang on for a few more seconds Pete. Bucky is out of the ice. Peter whimpers. Please consider turning it on! At least he wasn't alone. #quicksilver There is a slight pause before a reply: "I'm sorry sir, but Mr. The streets are dirty, crowded, and the jagged bumps in the asphalt are hardly comfortable to sleep on. He whispers, scrunching his eyes shut against the pillow. Avengers. He has super strength! Steve and Tony are idiots. Please consider turning it on! As you walked by the ride, you saw Rapunzel, your favorite character, walking back to her area. But in Peter's defense, and in defense of the lighthe was fine! He agreed, and followed. Hed saved the world. "Peter, watch out!" coming out of a keen city by isawet has a time-traveling Howard being an asshole to bb!Peter (Steve and Tony's adopted son), including physical abuse. Perch chiunque avesse visto la sua faccia non era mai sopravvissuto per raccontare la storia. Not even Captain America is exempt from that, Im afraid.. They're not in danger now, but time is running out. He wishes he was anywhere else and has little motivation for anything. !" Tony yelled exasperated. "I know baby. "Please hurry." 2. Once the doors open, he lays Peter down on one of the multiple beds in the med bay as more tears roll down Peters face. "Peter is crying, sweat covering his shaking body as he wishes for it to be over. "Most of, if not all, of the Triskelion windows were broken in from the water. It never had been. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Except their return was not the vindicated victory they thought it would be. Or pre-relationship someone tries to make him insecure about how there's no way he/they'd ever love him back but, like, Tony's totally secure in his relationship/chances and lets everyone know it! Tony Stark, not the easiest sleeper himself, knows his way around a nightmare, but what do you do when protecting the ones you love leads to unexpected international incidents? The blackout, stealing the relics. #brucebanner Five Times Bruce Banner is Not That Kind of Doctor + One Time Hes Perfect For the Job by @awesomesockes & @whumphoarder. -. "You destroyed a city!" The agent yelled for the millionth time. James can't shake the feeling that something is up with Tony. Steve had had little medical training during the war but he could pull a bullet out of skin fairly easy depending on where it was lodged. Peter Parkers night takes a turn when a bullet manages its way to his abdomen. By the time I was 15 the first one was barley holding together. The edges sparked orange, the welcoming sight of The Sanctum on the other side. As the Crown Prince of one of the most technologically advanced country on Earth, he'll get a good walk incognito, and perhaps a drink or two, if he's lucky. Besides, a fever is just an overrated hot flush, right? "It's fine, I promise. She turns to the only person who could help, Tony Stark. Tony was coming. Do you need water? You got with your bestie, Clint. Tony was in a panic by the time by the time you found him. To. Peters thermoregulating issue gets him into trouble on a mission with the Avengers in Siberia. Despite everything, there still stood an age difference of ten or seventy-six years, depending on your calculation. babysit a god; babysit a spider by @toosicktoocare, the one where sick Peters left behind from a mission to watch over Loki, but Loki ends up having to watch over him. Everyone else is afraid of winning.~ Billie Jean King. Superfamily - Why Must It All Come Rushing Back, Loki/Thor - I'll Always Be Here For You, Brother. Cue a concerned DadTony and a defensive Peter Parker who just doesn't want his aunt to be told about thisoh, also there's a gunshot wound involvedmight be why Tony had to be woken up. Type username to filter posts in this community, By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement, Avengers Fanfic/Fanworks Search Community, Hi all! His eyes are focused on the video screen in front of him. "Tony really hated magic. He was careful not to touch anything. Thor. You packed a bag as quickly as possible and rushed the team to hurry. This was the one. Everyone says weird stuff under morphine, it's pretty much a law of the universe. Tony Stark only had one response to manipulations, intimidation, and antagonistic behaviors - no. facility, and she had to have surgery. His kid was quick and with anger pumping through his veins, Peter was unstoppable. Tony was convinced that the men who had nabbed him off the street had the wrong guy; Tony didn't know any guy named the Captain. What had changed in the span of twenty-four hours? Tony was already nauseous about that, but even more so when he realized that his former friends and team members who had disagreed with the accords, fell into that category as well. God, the painful memories here. But he's played impossible odds beforeperhaps he never stopped. Tony is now used to the frequent bangs, clangs, and squeaky curses that come with Peter joining him in the lab. Bucky's girl had to calm him down while standing in the middle of Cinderella's castle. Tony swoops in at the end to offer some comfort. Tony was coming. bix paint remover, dr singh urologist st clairsville ohio,

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